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1898 Seamen’s Hat Headband

1898 Seamen's Hat Headbank - 4

1898 Seamen’s Hat Headband

Recently completed this 1898 Seamen’s Hat headband for a friend.  It comes from the 1898 Seamen’s Hat pattern.  This pattern is one of several created for the “Christmas at Sea” website by the Seamen’s Church Institute.  They also have a youtube video tutorial.

The 1898 Seamen’s hat headband is knit from side to side, creating a double layer fabric of garter stitch.  This keeps the ears warm, and makes the shaping of the ear flaps easier to construct.

The edges of the headband are folded together along a slipped stitch seam which looks much like an i-cord along the bottom edge leaving only one edge to seam and/or pick up stitches for the hat’s crown.

MarilynKnits over at the KnittersParadise forum has created a great spreadsheet in various formats for easy tracking of your progress as you knit this awesome hat.  She has very generously made that spreadsheet available to other knitters.  You can find the various formats of this spreadsheet in this thread.

In addition, Flybreit, also from KnittersParadise, shared this video of the Russian Join which she used to seam the edges.

Finally, CKnits of KnittersParadise compiled a summary of notes made by other KP’ers concerning the 1898 Seamen’s Hat which you can download here.

The person who I knitted this headband for said it was the best headband I had knit for him so far, and that it kept his ears warm, especially when he was shoveling snow.

The very first day he wore it, a woman asked him if someone had knit it for him because she really like it.  I told her to google the 1898 Seamen’s Hat so she could download the pattern for herself.

1898 Seamen's Hat Headband -1