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Create Custom Stitch Designs Tutorial – Part 3

Create Custom Stitch Designs Tutorial – Part 3

This tutorial continues to build upon the skills learned in Parts 1 and 2 so you can create your own custom designs.

To summarize, those tutorials took a basic 3 stitch pattern and copied, flipped and/or rotated the design to create new, larger, better stitch designs.

This tutorial expands upon those principles by adding to, or deleting, parts of the design.

Start With A Basic Design

In this case, I started with an empty circle. Then I began adding and modifying the circle in different ways. As I began to create different shape patterns based upon the empty circle, I discovered I was starting to make what looked like teddy bear eyes!

Expand On The Modified Design

Then I began to expand on the eye patterns to see how they could be modified to make different types of faces.

As I expanded on the face patterns, I discovered a few potential body designs.

I did not set out to design teddy bear faces or bodies. I was not looking to create anything in particular. I was just ‘doodling’ with graph paper and some colored pencils to see what I could come up with based upon a simple circle. I was pleasantly surprised with these results.

create custom stitch designs tutorial part 3 - circles and faces

Now Its YOUR Turn

1. Grab some graph paper and colored pencils. You can print out free blank graph paper at our Free Resources page. You can also do a Google search for free graph paper templates.

2. Take a small shape or pattern – no more than 3 or 4 stitches, then begin to apply some of the techniques you have learned in this three part tutorial. See how many different designs you can come up with for just that small shape or pattern.

Check out the StitchMeKnot Tutorial Library of some very basic stitch patterns for you to experiment with.

3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just created your very first custom designs.

In Conclusion

I hope this tutorial series Create Custom Stitch Designs was helpful and motivates you to have confidence in your ability to create your own custom stitch designs.

If you have ideas and/or suggestions for additional tutorials, or have a question about this tutorial series, please contact me by e-mail. I am very interested to know how I may be able to help you create your own custom stitch pattern designs. Thank you.

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